Lady Gaga Was
Born This Way?
We all knew that Lady Gaga was up to something until she pulled off this at the Grammy, I had the shock of my life. She came to The Grammy in an "egg" or incubator, whatever you guys wanna call it. But seriously, isn't this just outrageous?! She had her men carrying her around at the red carpet.

Well, I personally think this is the craziest thing that Lady Gaga had pulled off so far, but if her entrance had something to do with her performance that night, then I am totally cool with that.

According to sources, Lady Gaga had an oxygen tank inside the so-called egg/incubator to keep her alive. I really wanna know what you guys think about her entrance at the Grammy, seriously!

Guys, but her performance was awesome, seriously! In case you guys missed it, I attached the video of her performing live at The GRAMMY.

Click here to see more of this crazy entrance by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga at last year's Grammy

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